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Strategic planning is always the first step in every process conducted by JAI team. In this respect, the Highest and Best use analysis, on one side, and market environment, on the other, provide the key information for briefing the designers for developing the conceptual solution, within the constraints of the urban planning and technical parameters achievable for a given location.

After adopting one or more alternative concepts, experts hired by JAI test them by creating detailed financial models. Models contain the most important information for Investor that contributes to structuring finances, estimating the project profitability and planning the investment schedule. By deciding on the future project concept, Investors actually select specific financial model based on their business logic. All the data having impact on the project’s financial structure parameters, which are necessary for negotiations with the bank – holder of the project financing, are also provided.

Key factors in developing large scale projects are awareness of market conditions, experience in development of similar projects and availability of the team, which in interaction with other participants creates best strategies. This approach enables investors to execute the most profitable project within the conditions specific for a given location. JAI protects Investors’ interest and can represent them in negotiations with other participants, through  market analysis of service providers, designers, developers and suppliers, conducting tender procedures, contracting services and procurement, coordination of all process elements, as well as monitoring the fulfillment of their obligations. JAI is client’s extended arm that enables minimizing of all potential risks entailed in complexity of large scale project development process.

JAI is a management partner to a group of companies under the joint brand Homes & Villas, committed to the development of luxury residential properties in exclusive locations in Belgrade. All Homes & Villas facilities are distinguished by their superior design, materials, equipment, as well as the quality and innovativeness of the living space organization.


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