Gordan Čukić

Head od projects

Gordan Čukić began his career in Delta M Grup in 2000, after graduating at the Belgrade University School of Economics.

After several years, Gordan become responsible for equipment procurement for all Maxi shops, the largest retail chain in Serbia. At this position he acquired extensive experience in negotiating commercial and technical conditions with leading domestic and foreign companies.

In 2007, he transferred to Delta Maxi Group at the position of Executive Director, in charge of technology planning, construction, refurbishing and equipping of retail stores in the country and abroad.

He was in charge of construction, refurbishment and equipping of cca 300.000 square meters in 275 retail units with total investment value of EUR 223.430.000. He was also in charge of the refurbishment and reconstruction of the new Delhaize Serbia office building, managing complete process from conceptual design and construction works to procurement and implementation of furniture.

Within Delta Maxi Group, Gordan designed and defined the organization and operation of the Technical Development Department; defined the procedures for internal and external communication of the Department, and developed organizational structure of personnel related to technical development within Delta Maxi Serbia and Delta Maxi International systems. Gordan made significant contribution to green technology development within Delta Maxi Group.

In 2012. Gordan joined JAI Development & Consulting as one of the key members of menagment team in charge of project management.


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Gordan Čukić

Head of projects

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